Now we wait…

Submitted DeBarker to the Apple iTune’s App Store, and am now waiting for approval. My biggest fear is that one of the Cordova plugins I use taps into the iPhone API illegally and then not only losing approval, I lose the whole concept since the plugins I use are integral. (Including the one I wrote that monitors sound levels)

Sneak Peak: DeBarker

I am preparing to release my latest app. It is not a game but more of a utility for training a dog not to bark. It plays an annoying sound when ever a dog makes a loud noise. Place an IOS device near where a dog likes to bark, like the front door, and when it barks, an unpleasant sound will play, deterring the dog from barking. After several interrupted barking sessions, the dog will learn not to bark in the designated area.

‘Let’s Encrypt’ installation…

Installation is fairly painless when dealing with a Linux server.

Copy/clone the github repository to your server.  Then run a python command provided in the Invite email.  Then work through the error messages showing that your ‘yum’ install needs to be updated.  Try updating ‘yum’ and work through the errors (and a bit of googleing) to figure out that the leading repo used is out of date.  Disable bad repo and wait for ‘yum’ to completely update.  Try python command again.  See that you are getting the same error, but using the information gained from getting ‘yum’ updated, rename bad repo to ‘.bak’ so it doesn’t get used.  Try again.  Watch script perform it’s magic.  Get a few ‘too many arguments’ errors, but ignore them.  Try connecting to site via and smile with success.  Then think, wait, something isn’t right.

It isn’t using the correct certificate… It is using old hand made cert and isn’t complaining because I previous added exception.

Need python-virtualenv and ca-certificates packages… 

Let’s Encrypt Closed Beta Invite!

With the rumblings on the web by Google about promoting sites with secure site connections, the ‘Let’s Encrypt‘ initiative was perfect timing.  I signed up for the beta not expecting a reply so soon, but within a week, was given access.  I haven’t walked through the steps yet, but will set a couple of hours a side and get everything set up sometime in the coming days.   During beta, you have to renew every ~60 days (hopefully automatically, but manually for some platforms).

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

Public beta starts on Dec. 8th and you can sign up HERE

Please consider doing your part to secure the world wide web.


REVIEW: Inkscape

For most of my art needs, whether it be for icons or game tiles, I prefer to use Inkscape.

3_Mar_gameInkscape is a full featured vector graphics software tool that allows you to create resolution independent graphics.  In the mobile world, creating runscalable graphics for all the varied resolutions supported on the varied devices is important to me.   Being able to doodle a design that easily scales to the 1024×1024 for IOS icon/splash requirements is a huge time saver.  Also of value is HTML5 canvas supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) file format, which is the standardized vector format.




The case of the Missing Missive Getting rid of the (not) important count in gmail IOS App

For just over a year, my gmail app has shown a ‘1’ next to the important email box that would not go away.  The browser version of gmail correctly shows no important emails.  What was required to finally get the taunting number to disappear was to use the browser version and mark everything as not important.

These are the steps I used

  • Open ‘All Mail’ folder (You may need to click ‘More’ for it to show)
  • Using the Select button, choose ‘All’ (This only selects the messages currently displayed)
  • A highlighted link will appear above the list allowing you to select every message in this folder.
  • Using the ‘More’ button, chose ‘Mark as not important’. (Depending on how many emails you have, this may take a while before it refreshes.)
  • Open up gmail app on IOS and confirm that it no longer taunts you with a missing missive that is important

Art Preview for Next App

Stop Dog SVG

I was playing around with Assembly on my phone prototyping icon artwork for the current app I am working on.  Though it can export out in PNG & JPG, exporting to SVG is ideal as I needed to tweak it in Inkscape.  In Inkscape, I was able to combine two separate designs and tweak an objects width that was difficult to modify in Assembly.  With a bit of duplicating and layering, this is the final result.